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Social Movement and trade union collective met with Prime Minister Ranil at Colombo

NAFSO leader attended the meeting organized by Social Movement and trade union collective held at Temple Trees yesterday on current situation of the country. There were around 450 civil society and trade union representatives attended the session including more than 25 Buddhist monks and other religious leaders. 
The PM Ranil Wiickremasinghe presided the meeting which was facilitated by Saman Rathnapriya the convener of the trade union collective. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe said, "the economy has been seriously damaged due to the aftermath of the Easter Sunday. We are now in the process of assessing the damage which would be around 1000 - 2000 Billion LKR."
Once, the briefing about country situation by DIG- Police, Priyantha Jayakody, Army senior official of Western Region P.G. Abenayake and the minister Rajitha Senarathne, before the Civil Society representatives share their concerns, the PM Ranil Wickramsinghe said, he has another meeting to attend with Chamber of Commerce and need to leave immediately.
However, Herman of NAFSO raised his hand and raised the point of Refugees and Asylum Seekers those who are kept in Negombo Police Station[169], Periyamulla [326] and Pasyala Ahamadia [691]mosques.
 The response from Prime Minister was to send the refugees to another country and the GOSL is engage to facilitate the visa process. However, Herman again mediated and said, there should be some government mechanism to provide safer place to stay, health facilities and medicine until they leave the country. However, there is no any reasonable, responsible response from PM Ranil Wickremasinghe for the refugee issue. 
At the same time, some of the civil society actors, those who were attended criticize Herman and complained those are not the issues to talk at the meeting and they have many other issues related to security to address at the current situation.
Many of the participants who attended the meeting with PM Ranil Wickremasinghe were frustrated and said, "What is the objective of this meeting? PM Wickramasighe is not ready to listen to us providing adequate time for us, We do not want to come again for such meetings."
So, most of them are not happy with the meeting held yesterday.