Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Our Contribution to the Ethnic Harmony

Over 40 odd people consisting of Religious leaders and Activists of Civil Organizations were brought together by the heading of the National Fisheries Organization.
The decisions that was made on the 22nd and the progress of it was measured. The Muslim Community and the Negombo Citizens Society mentioned their satisfaction and happiness about there being no conflict situation due to the intervening of the security forces. The main request of the religious leaders of the Muslim Community and the youth was to meet the Christian leaders and express their sadness and the condolences regarding the tragic incident created by the extreme group and explain why they could not attend the funerals of their neighbors.
As a result, an invitation was made to the Rev.Fr. Sisvan Crooze, to the discussion and created an opportunity to discuss the matters   
In order to prevent the clashes between communities when people are gathered, it was decided to request to the Islamic leaders not to conduct the 26th services of Mosques.

The Muslim Community informed that they should inform this request to the ‘Jamaithul Ulama’ organization to obtain the permission. However, we realized that the request was granted by the ‘Ulama’organization that religious leaders of regional level Mosques have the permission to take the decision.

A protest was organized by a group of people against our center for requesting Muslim leaders to participate our discussions and help us to maintain peace and harmony in the area.

The matter was settled after Fr. Crooze explained them about the steps that we have taken to maintain the peace and harmony. 

It was agreed to maintain reports of the incidents that was happened after the unfortunate tragedy to be taken appropriate security measures and to meet the relevant authorities                      

It was also decided to organize a ‘Press Conference’ in Colombo to share the views of civil society organizations in relation to the incidents that was happened and to help the Muslim Community express their feeling about the present situation as they have no opportunity share their views. Sharenie Sharoor, Prasanga Fernando and Herman Kumara took the responsibility for organizing the event.