Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

The Original petition was submitted to the Land minister Mr.Gayantha Karunathilaka

NAFSO Conducted campaign demanding solutions for land grabbing issues around the country.
Submission of copies of a petition signed by more than 11,000 people was carried out in 14 districts around the country.
The Original petition was submitted to the Land minister Mr Gayantha Karunathilaka in 28/8/19.
The minister accepted the petition along with with the summary report prepared on selected major land grabbing issues in several areas of the country with a promise to look in the issues and demands made by the people. 
1. Ensure community participation in planning and decision-making processes, respect their needs and aspirations in development planning
- Ensure free, prior and informed consent of people before any land acquisition
- Develop plans to minimize the relocation of communities, in unavoidable circumstances ensure their livelihoods and social and cultural fabrics are not being damaged
- Prioritize the development plans by capitalizing local resources and the potentials of communities.
- Not to acquire land from environmental sensitive zones for any development projects.

2. Release all lands and allow families to return to their homes without restriction
- Remove any military base or remnant of military presence from the area which their presences are not really needed.
3. Grant clear title to farmers and fisheries to their land and property on which they had been living over several generations live. The already begun process of issuing deeds to be made more efficient and effective. 
4. For proportionate compensation to be paid to those whose houses and Lands which were dispossessed during the Conflict period. Identify the bottlenecks and deviations in this process of paying compensation to be made more methodical and transparent while assuring the deserving affected parties receive the government-sanctioned amounts. 
5. Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the internally displaced people, including people living in IDP camps, living with relatives and in rented houses in the North.
6. Develop and initiate a comprehensive resettlement process with the participation of displaced communities especially in North and East.
7. Land acquired for the purpose of common benefits should not be transferred to any business ventures or private entrepreneurs