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Strengthening Reconciliation Process in Sri Lanka

The 2020 Youth Summit was held at the CHE Adventure Park in Hanwella from February 21st-23rd, welcoming 106 youths from across the country to promote peace and reconciliation. Youth of all ethnic and religious groups from five districts (Galle, Matara, Negombo, Kilinochchi, and Ampara) were present to participate in a one of a kind gathering to discover themselves and their peers together as members of one human family.
The summit was organized and implemented through the GIZ Project and is the culmination of a one-year mission to consolidate the ongoing process of peace and reconciliation through the promotion of interracial, interreligious and interethnic harmony, particularly among youth. The summit included exciting team building activities, the opportunity to explore and discuss religious diversity, the expression of the universal yearning for peace and harmony through songs and planning the way forward in the shared interest in lasting brotherhood.