Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Day- ration for IDP camps

Internally Displaced People is one of the most effected social groups according to the crisis of out breaking the virus.  The internal conflict of  the country has remained some social groups in the camps as evidences of the conflict. The internal conflict was finished in 2009, result of the conflict still remain in the country.  Some people have been confined to Internally Displaced Camps especially in Jaffna. Although the Government has a mechanism to resettle people who displaced due to the conflict, some people still live in the camps looking forward their future.
These groups were depending on the daily wage engaging some labour wok in the area but their income has been totally destroyed because of the locking down the country. Jaffna district has been identified as a high risk area which has high potential to outbreak the virus. The daily routing of the people has been dropped down.  There have no sufficient food to survive.
Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity ( DIFSO) is one of the partner organizations of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement based on Jaffna. They are working with the camps implementing various programs. DIFSO has a long term coordinating with the internally displaced Camps and DIFSO has conducted programs in order to empower the people in the camps. They coordinate the governmental authorities to be resettled the people in their own lands. In the meanwhile, according to the crisis of out breaking the virus, Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity organized a welfare service of the camps providing dry-ration for the people in Yogapuram and Puliayadi camps on 3 of April 2020 in Jaffna.