Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Seeds distribution for Paanama people

Paanama is located in Ampara district in Eastern Province in the country.  People of Paanama usually have engaged with cultivation as the major occupation. There are some people who have engaged with fisheries industry. Ragamvila is one of the villages of Paanama. There was a long term struggle of the people to ensure their land rights because the former government grabbed the lands which were belong to the people after the civil conflict. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement facilitated the land campaign supporting in different ways. PARL land alliance which is based in Colombo support the Paanama people through National Fisheries Solidarity Movement. According to this pandemic situation ,PARL alliance distributed some seeds for the people in Ragamvila. Seeds of tomato, cabbage, pumpkin and seed paddy were distributed for the people. Hor. Paanama Sri Chandrarathne Thero from Panama Sri Bodurukkaramaya,  Mr. K. Issadeen, district coordinator of Ampara District Fisheries Solidarity and Mr. Pomasiri , Chair Person of the Panampaththu Protection Organization participated in the occasion.