Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Integrated home garden of youth

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement facilitated the process of promoting organic home garden as an option for the food security. Food sovereignty is one of the main concerns of NAFSO. We always encourage people to grow at least their garden by using organic manure. NAFSO has been promoting the organic home garden as one of the main programs for more than 22 years.  Many training have been given with necessary assistance for the people. According to the locked down situation, there is a dialogue about a self-sufficient society because the market and fairs were closed. People were unable to buy necessary goods including vegetables and fruits. People those who had grown vegetable and fruits consumed in the locked down situation. According to the situation, there is a conversation about the home garden as one of the parts self-sufficient family and society. The civil society organizations as well as the government institutes also promotes home garden among  the society. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement also took steps to encourage and promote the people for developing home garden. It seems that there is a tendency among the youth for developing home garden in many places in the network. They have a free time due to the locked down situation to engage with home garden. The youth are taking crops from their cultivation right now. Batticalo District Fisheries Solidarity also encouraged the youth teams to develop the home garden. According to the direction and facilitation of partner organization, the “ PUHAMALEI” youth team has developed an  integrated home garden in the area. This information was shared by Mr. Sasidaran, district coordinator of Batticaloa District Fisheries Solidarity