Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

District women committee meeting in Jaffna

Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity organized the “ Punthalei” District Women Committee meeting at the center of the organization on  6 of June 2020. The committee focused on some issues such as the existing situation of the women headed families and displaced women, difficulties that the women face due to take loans from the micro credit financial institutes. Involvement of micro credit financial institution is one of the major problems of the community in the island wide. There are number of privet micro credit financial institutes which provide loans for the people in the rural areas of the country. Most of women of the family have taken loans from the above financial institutes. Most of financial institutes have not been registered in the central bank. Every financial institute should be registered in the central bank but there are many giving loans for the people without any monitoring of the central bank. There are different systems of the financial institutes to get the loans back. According to the information, some women have taken 5 or 6 loans at the same period from different micro credit financial institutes. Financial institutes also provide loans without considering the situation. Taking number of loans create problems of especially women to pay back the installments. Women are taking loans under the high interest and different conditions. The district women committee took this issue to discuss and assess the situation in the area. As well as, it discussed the future plans of the district women committee in the meeting. This meeting was organized by Miss. Jeyachithra and Miss. Thadsajani, animators of Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity. Mr. Anthony Jesudasan, Coordinator, People to People Dialogue on Peace and Sustainable Development and Mrs. Lavina Hasanthi, Gender and Development Coordinator participated representing secretariat of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement.