Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

ILO education

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement works on the ILO convention to ratify it with the involvement of the government. Although there is an ILO convention, it has not been ratified and converted as a law in the country.  Ratifying ILO convention is an essential approach to ensue the rights of the working people. There should be island wide attention and pressure to the government in order to ratify with the approval of the parliament. NAFSO has initiated to build up a mainstream conversation to take actions toward to ratify the ILO convention.  Education of the people about the content of the ILO convention and the important of ratifying it should be done in the prior stage of the campaign. People should be educated and organized to advocate the government to take stand to be converted ILO convention as a law in the country. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has planned serious of ILO education process based on the above purpose. Different network partners of NAFSO organize ILO education program in the district level. Southern Fisheries Organization organized an ILO education program for the members at the center of the organization on 6 of July 2020. Mrs. Gayathri of the institute of “ Shilpa” participated as the main resource person as well as Mr. Maduka Sampath and Mr. Sahan Isanka, Animators of the organization also engaged to educate the people in the program. The education program has focused on the ILO provisions for the fisheries sector as well. It has concerned the condition of fisheries occupation, safety at sea, social and physical security, health security and other components of the ILO convention as well as important of ratifying the convention in the country.