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Paanama, Ragamwela people were harmed by wild elephants

The people of Ragamwela village in Paanama in the Ampara district have been under great threat from wild elephants for some time. Although the Navy had erected an elephant fence to protect it from the damage caused by wild elephants, they had earlier removed the elephant fence from the area. Due to this the people of Ragamwela are under a great threat from wild elephants. With the onset of the rainy season, the people of Ragamwela have become accustomed to planting various crops and by now those crops have become dormant. However, due to the increasing threat of wild elephants, the crops of the people of Ragamwela may be damaged and their homes and lives may be affected. Ampara District Coordinator Isaddin stated that the elephants had come on July 18, 2020 and damaged about two houses. Elephants roaming from the Ragamwela sea border have damaged their crops and homes, leaving them helpless today. Discussions were held with the people on the previous day as to what is the most suitable solution for the people in this situation.