Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Youth work on plastic pollution

Environment pollution is one of the main issues in the beach of Modara watta, Balapitiya. Plastic is the main pollution material of the beach. People have released plastic material everywhere informally in the beach. Plastic pollution has become a mainstream discussion in the world right now. The youth team of the National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has touched this issue.

Southern Fisheries Organization facilitated the youth team to take action against plastic pollution. The youth committee meeting was conducted at Modara watta on 29 of June 2020. There were 32 youth members for the meeting. Some decision such as educate people going house by house, discuss with the local government in Balapitiya, fix the dustbins for different garbage in the beach and provide a practical training for the people to make compost and direct home garden have been taken in the meeting. Youth team decided to prepare a plan in implementing the decisions. Staff of Southern Fisheries Organization facilitated the youth meeting.