Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Negombo, Sri Vimukthi women are guiding the way for Sustainable Agriculture!

Several members of Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization, [SVFWO] have been engaged in sustainable agriculture programs as a result of NAFSO's promotion of the same activity through it's member organizations around the country. Negombo Being an urban area, the attempt to make their city an organic home garden is a commendable effort of Negombo women belonging to SVFWO.

As a result, Ms. Priyanka of Lurdu Matha small group at Grand Street, has converted her small plot of land available into a successful and fruitful garden with her untiring efforts. This is a very good lesson for all women whose complaint is there is no space for home gardens or engage in such activities in their homes. It is not only the home garden she engages in, but also production of compost for her plants is also another effort of this giant lady.

We commend her commitment to this work and the facilitators of the work, Ms, Deepa Subashinie the coordinator of the organization and Mr. Vincent Fernando, the animator of the organization.

Ms. Priyanka says that,: “My home garden was so helpful for my survival during COVID 19 Pandemic. Because, there were no fresh vegetables available in the markets and most of the places where we bought vegetables were closed due to lockdown and curfew imposed by the government. But, not only me and my family benefitted from my home garden. But, also I shared the vegetables with my neighbors who did not have food during the lockdown. So, this is a blessing and I admire my organization as they were behind me to launch this work."