Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

23rd World Fisheries Day commemoration of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement- 2020

 National Fisheries Solidarity Movement commemorated it’s 23 World Fisheries Day under the theme of Let us build a strong social movement  to assert people’s rights in the face of blue economic challenges on 21 of November 2020. NAFSO usually commemorates the world fisheries day selecting one partner organization being invited for the leaders and every stakeholders of the network but it commemorated remotely this time following the guidelines of the health sector accordance of pandemic situation. NAFSO overcame the challenge which created due to the pandemic being organized a successful world fisheries day commemoration virtually. 17 partner organizations remotely engaged with the world fisheries day commemoration. This is also a fresh experience for the participants. 

Partner organizations of the network organized their own programs based on the world fisheries day in regional level in the morning up to 11am. The main program of the commemoration was stared with the dominance of  Mr. Herman Kumara, National Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement at 11 am. At the beginning of the program, Mr. Pradeep Wanigasuriya, Administrative Secretary of the organization did the objective setting and welcome the participants as well as he presented the fisheries statement of the organization. Mr. Nalaka Rosairo, Coordinator, Advocacy and Policy Studies presented the essence of policy dialogue conducted during the year 2020 on inland fisheries policy drafting  and Mr.  M.D.Cyril Gunawardene, Chairperson, Ma-Eliya Mahawewa, Fisheries Cooperative Society presented the existing situation of inland fisheries industry and future development of it.

After that,  Mrs. Lavina Hasanthi, Coordinator of Gender and Development presented the background of developing the  women advocacy paper related  to the initiatives of Socio, Economic, cultural and Political issues and  responses as women federation of Sri Lanka and Mrs. Neluka Weerakkody, Chairperson, National Women Fisher Federation presented the demands of the women federation that plans to hand over  the government.

It launched some publications of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement giving a description. According to that, Mr. Laksiri Fernando, Coordinator, Youth and Environment cum Media, Publication officer launched the Sindusara magazine, Mrs. Priyankara Costa, Coordinator of Praja Abilasha network launched the research paper of NPP in Trincomalee and Mr. Nimal I Perera, Project Manager launched blue Economy Concept paper briefly explain the background.

It opened the flow to Mr. N. V. Subramaniyam, Chairperson of Northern Province Fisher Peoples’ Unity to address the audience on our efforts to assert our rights as marginalized fishing communities in Sri Lanka. Mr. K.A. Isuru  Lakmal, Chairperson of Youth Movement for Environment and Social Change[YMESOC] presented our victories during the year 2020 as National Youth Movement. It broadcast a video which was prepared by National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in relation to commemorate victims due to the Ester attack. Mr. Gayan Ambegoda, Coordinator of Peace and Reconciliation gave a background of preparing the video.

Then, Mr. Herman Kumara, National Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement made the main speech of the World Fisheries Day commemoration focusing on  the  blue economy concept , people’s life and  livelihoods and our role to assert our rights as civil society movement. He emphasized and encouraged people to unite around the civil society movement to protect the rights of the people in the challenging context.  It allocated time to present the three songs which were prepared by the youth team of Galle, Killinochchi and Negombo in relation to the environmental initiatives. Mr. Kaveesha Mayuranga, Member of  youth organization, in Galle, Mr.  K. Lakshainie, Secretary of District Youth Federation in  Kilinochchi and Mr. Sachith Dayantha, Member of Youth Federation in Negombo  presented their experience and concept of creating the song.  Closing a cavalier world fisheries day commemoration, Mr. Sashi Poonyamoorthi, Coordinator, of Batticoloa District Fisheries Solidarity did the vote of thanks finally.  It had planned to organize the world fisheries day commemoration  in Batticalo district in 2020 but according to the existing pandemic situation, the plan changed organizing virtual commemoration as well.