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Women proposal for the government

Killinochchi District, Kiranchi women's group
Killinochchi District,Waleippadu women's group

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has already prepared a database in relation to the political, social, economical and cultural situation of the women in the network.  The women section of the organization has started updating the foresaid information according to the existing context of the country. The process has been began covering 10 districts in the south, north and east such as Jaffna, Mullathive, Killinochchi, Mannar, Ampara, Betticaloa, Puttlam, Gampaha and Galle. In the meanwhile of gathering the existing information, it collects the proposals of the women members in order to prepare an overall proposal accordance of political, economical, social and cultural situation with the purpose of submitting the relevant government authorities for the consideration and taking action based on the issues of the proposal. It has planned to launch the finalized women proposal in the world fisheries day commemoration which has been planned by National Fisheries Solidarity Movement on 21 of November, 2020.

The process of gathering information is being conducted in many places of the network. Puttlam District Fisheries Solidarity has gathered information from the women in Palliwasalpaduwa, Palai and Thambapanni women committees on 1 of November, 2020.  Killinochchi District Fisheries Solidarity has gathered information in Kiranch women committee on 2 of November 2020. District staff has taken the responsibility to gather information from the women. According to the process, it has met women in Waleipadu on 2 of November, Gimron Nagar in Mannar on 3 of November and  Yogapauaram welfare camp in Jaffna in the same day in order to gather information. The process is being conducted by the district staff so far. 

Puttlam District,  Thambapanni women's group 
Puttlam District, Palliwasappadu women's group

Puttlam District, Palawi women's group

Manner District Gimro nargar women's group

                                             Jaffna District, Yogapauaram welfare camp