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NAFSO celebrates ‘International Human Rights Day’ 2020.

NAFSO members celebrated 72nd ‘International Human Rights Day’ online, under the theme of 'Protect Human Rights Activists' on the 10th of December. Despite the COVID epidemic, NAFSO members say it is a great achievement to be able to celebrate the International Human Rights Day.

NAFSO members from 15 districts and a number of invited guests participated in the event.  The event also included a couple of songs which demonstrated the meaning of human rights. Many of the speakers at the meeting pointed out the threats to human rights activists in Sri Lanka and internationally and also the importance of protecting them.

 Problems in the garment sector faced by women, issues faced by sex workers in Sri Lanka, problems faced by men and women in rural agriculture are human right violations that were highlighted on. Problems faced by human rights activists and how the youth view the human rights violations in Sri Lanka was also highlighted.

The launching of the book, which is based on the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, also took place at this event. Mr.Ruki Fernando added his ideas on the book.

Lastly a comprehensive discussion took place on how to protect human rights in society with the involvement of NAFSO youth and activists.