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NAFSO Youth Training on Human Rights


At the NAFSO International Human Rights Day celebrations held on December 10, NAFSO youth members stated that they needed good training on human rights. Accordingly, the first youth training organized in this manner was held today, The discussion was attended by 45 Sinhala and Tamil youths from the North and South of the country. The training objective of the workshop was to build an informed youth group to protect human rights in the country.

At the beginning of the program, Ravindu a Youth member of the Matara District highlighted the potential of the youth and their commitment to enhancing human rights knowledge.  It was followed by a BBC documentary on the assassination of George Floyd in the United States and the ensuing social upheaval was pointed out.

There was a discussion regarding this video presented and the human rights concerns arising from it were also discussed, next Ruki Fernando and Herman Kumara presented two short lectures on human rights. At the end of the program, there was a wide-ranging discussion led by the youth group and they also agreed to build an action plan for the promotion of human rights among the youth groups.