Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Northern fisherman protested against the invasion of Indian Trawlers

The fisherman is facing challenges in various ways due to breaking out of the Covid -19 pandemic in the country. Not having sufficient market for the fish production is the main problem. Especially small scale fishermen are one of the most vulnerable groups in this pandemic context. They struggle to live and feed their families. Northern fisherman faces another problem in the midst of pandemic. Indian trawlers have started again to break into Sri Lankan Territory Sea for grabbing resources. This is not a new problem but recently Indian fisherman had minimized coming to the Sri Lankan sea. It is reported that Indian trawlers have started breaking into Sri Lankan territorial sea again. It has created a worst situation for the fisheries industry of the North.

More than 500 Indian trawlers daily break into the Sri Lankan water especially in the sea in Mullathive. Indian trawlers use very harmful fisheries gears named bottom trawling. This problem has been concerned to the Fisheries Minister and other relevant authorities of the fisheries but there is no any proper solution for the issues yet. According to the situation, fisher community organized people against the Indian Trawlers. It organized a protest against the invasion of Indian trawlers with the participation of district fisher co-operative societies, fisher unions and fisher communities in Mullathive district on 15 of December 2020.

It reported that Indian trawlers not only grab the resources but also damage the boats, nets and other equipments of the Sri Lankan fisherman. The protest was organized in front of the Divisional Secretariat Office in Mullathive. The fisherman handed over a petition to the authorities of the divisional secretariat office. Mr. Anthony Jesudasan , Mrs. Lavina Hasanthi representing National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, fisher leaders, representatives from CSOs, women organizations, political representatives and media persons participated in the protest.