Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022



NAFSO is an organization who works for the well-being of the society by launching different kinds of projects. Under the title of improving the comfort of the specific group, ‘the survivors of the Easter Attack has been implemented the particular program. The program focuses on different themes and the particular program focused to improve the leadership skills of the group.

Champion mobilizer Group, one among a great program which is addressing the community and a flat form to elaborate the burning issues of own community. Through the champion mobilizer group focus to build up the leaders from own community to make a conversation about the problems and the formed group of leaders will take the responsibility to take care about to address the problem by identifying by themselves.

The program is ongoing one, which facilitates the formed group of leaders to talk about and to implement with their own portrayal of the issues. The group contains 15 members and the members related to different communities. The group woven around young and teenage group with different backgrounds such as, teenagers who have recently done the advanced level examination, seminary experienced people, community development workers, teachers and other rest of the part very young and energetic in doing social work.

The group will be meeting monthly for their monthly work evaluation as well as to reveal about the further work schedule. The group of leaders will be the community representers who are going to address the community matters what they feel to address a burning issues in the community.