Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Blue Economy: Whither the SSF in Sri Lanka

Blue Economy: Whither the SSF in Sri Lanka? The education and action identification conducted at Negombo with 20 women leaders of Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization(SVFWO).

Nalaka Rosairo
the Policy Advocacy Coordinator of NAFSO explained the contents of BE package and how the SSF communities would expel from the implementation of the programs under National Physical Planning. “ Port City is one clear example of BE Program in Sri Lanka and our SSF are experiencing the consequences of sand mining and more.” added Nalaka.
Suba Shini
Deepa Coordinator SVFWO, facilitated to brought some possible actions forward with brain storming the group.
a. Bring the idea to small groups in various communities
b. Organize group of men educate BE and to identify resistance building actions
c. Media briefing registering the protest against the destruction of Muthurajawela and NPP related projects
d. Dialogue with Muthurajawela protection committee to build up alliance and to launch Community Lead Research on Port City and Muthurajawela sites
Women undertook the responsibility to organize the campaign in Negombo.