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Fisherman met Indian High Commissioner - 2021.11.01

The representatives of Northern Province Fisher People Unity and National Fisheries Solidarity Movement met Mr.Gopal Baglag, the Indian high commissioner on 2021.11.01. The purpose of the meeting was to convince the High Commissioner about the invasion of the Indian trawlers into the Sri Lankan sea especially in Jaffna, Mannar, Killinochchi and Mullative areas and grab the fish destroying the resources by using the illegal and destructive fishing gears as well as damage the fishing equipments of the Sri Lankan fisherman. The fisheries representatives explained the situation to the High Commissioner.  This meeting was coordinated by Mr. Sumandiran, Member of Parliament.

The representatives used the opportunity to explain the social, economic and political issues created due to the invasion of the Indian trawlers highlighting the existing situation and historical background of this issue. Fisherman said that they regret because of not implementing the two laws which were passed recently in the country.

  1. Fisheries and Aquatic resources ( Amendment ) act, No. 11 of 2017 (Prohibition of fishing operations utilizing trawl nets)
  1. Fisheries (Regulation of Foreign Fishing Boats)
    (Amendment) Act, No. 1 of 2018

Fisherman mentioned that they repent about the invasion of the Indian trawlers violating the international laws related to the sea boundaries as well as fisherman requested Commissioner to inform to the Indian trawlers  to stop breaking  into the Sri Lankan sea territory and destroying the resources.

The representative of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement explained the attempts that were taken by the organization to find the solution for this issues as well as he requested the Indian High Commissioner to involve stopping the invasion of Indian trawlers according to the Sri Lankan law.

Hearing the voice of representatives around one half hours, Commissioner stated that India implements a program to stop the trawling fishing industry and shift to an alternative fishing industry. As well as, he promised to channel the issues and solutions the Sri Lanka representatives raised with the Central government of India and Chennai regional government to find a proper solution for the issue.

 There was some group of the meeting and meeting was happened within two hours.  Indian High Commissioner and a secretary participated from their side. Mr. Sumandiran, Member of Parliament from TNA party, Mr. Anthony Jesudasan, Program Coordinator of NAFSO under the people to people’s dialog for peace and sustainable development, Mr. N.V. Subramaniyam, Chairman of Northern Province Fisher People Unity, Mr. Francis Joshap, Vice Chairman of Northern Province Fisher People Unity. Mr. Anthonypille Mariyarasa, Treasurer of Northern Province Fisher People Unity, Mr. Chandralingam Sudirman, Former member of Provincial Council and Mr. V. Arulnadan, Chairman of “Annai Velakkanni” Fisher Co-orparative society in Mullative participated in the meeting