Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

The SFO Youth Matara facilitated by SFO Matara organized a Poson Bakthi Geetha Program with the Young, Women and Adult belong to "Payana Hiru Agricultural Group at Pahala Athuraliya.
Maduka Sampath, the activist who animate the group shared that, "the Athuraliya village was totally devastated with the floods last month. But, the courageous youth and women do not want to give up the hope of the people. They had the courage to emerge with the challenges of the disaster and to bring some hope to the community.
"Poson Bakthi Geetha will help to free the minds of younger generation and to heal the wounds of hearts and broken minds of our people in the community. It is a victory as we were able to mobilize people amidst the life struggle of them." Said Sahan Gonalagoda the field activist of SFO- Matara.
The Youth Movement for Environmental and Social Change (YMESOC) is proud of the work it's member SFO- Matara Youth team of their work to mobilize fellow youth.