Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Government gives promisses but still we are waiting......

" Within next two weeks, we are ready to donate the fishing boats to the tsunami affected fishermen"
The Fisheries Minister, Chandrasena Wejesingha
(Dinamina, 27th March,2005)

Today, Kalutara District Fisheries Solidarity organized a Regional Committee meeting at the Pulinathalaramaya, North Kaluthara. The convenor of NAFSO, Mr. Herman Kumara came to partake at this meeting. About 150 people had gathered at the temple and they came out with the following decisions:
- highlight the irregularities in giving the compemsations
- isolated people in the camps
- re-building the livelihood
* Fishing Nets
* Fishing Boats
* Boat Engines
- allocation of lands & building of houses
On the same day evening about 60 people(men\women) gathered at the KDFS branch office, Wadduwa. They also highlighted the issues like, Land, housing & re-building the livelihood. They decided to organize a protest on the 6th of April at Wadduwa town. They also suppose to submit a memorandum to AGA, Panadura.