Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

People’s Caravan

Organize by
National Resources & Protection of Human Rights Organization
National Fisheries Network

No: 10, Malwatta Road

Let us Establish a Sustainable Fisheries Policy by bringing justice to the Tsunami victims and boycott against the pressures of World Trade Organization


1. To present the recovery and rehabilitation process and the report of the People’s Planning Commission to the people and to get their views and approval for its validity
2. To join in dialogue with the people regarding the Sustainable Fisheries Policy and to get their cooperation for its establishment
3. To educate people about World Trade Organization, Hong Kong Meeting of its cabinet and agenda of the meeting. And to get people’s support to lobby against it.
4. To gather the fisher folk community to establish a strong Fisheries Movement


5. To organize the People’s Caravan covering 14 districts
6. To organize a seminar for the people to educate them on the theme and the objectives
7. To present the ideas to the community through posters, handouts, banners and street dramas
8. To organize a huge protest in Colombo in combining with the other people’s caravan groups
9. To get a good propaganda for all activities through medias such as television, radio and papers
10. To communicate the outputs daily to the international community through web sites, E- mails, faxes etc
11. To develop the petitions such as tsunami rehabilitation & sustainable fisheries Policy including the responses & the views of the people
12. To present the newly developed petitions to the new president
13. To continue the dialogue on a sustainable fisheries policy in the long run
14. Get reported the required valuable details and communicate.

Starting Date:- 26th November ,2005 from Colombo

Route:- Negombo 27th Nov
Puttalam 28th Nov
Karuwalagaswewa 29th Nov
Kurunagala 30th Nov
Trincomalee 01st Dec
Polonnaruw 02nd Dec
Batticaloa 3rd Dec
Ampara 04th – 05th Dec
Hambanthota 06th Dec
Matara 07th – 08th Dec
Galle 08th – 09th Dec
Colombo 10th Dec (Common Protest)

Organizing in District basis : “District Meetings”

1. Organize District Seminars

a. To select 50 fisher leaders who participated in the first phase of people’s Planning introductory meetings
b. To present the following points
i. The Proposal for Tsunami Rehabilitation
ii. The Sustainable Fisheries Policy
iii. The Hong Kong Agenda of World Trade Organization
iv. Entry for a Fisheries Movement
v. The celebration of World Fisheries Day

2. To gather the people’s ideas & views regarding the above points
3. To gather and consolidate the views of the people to strengthen the district committees of NAFSO
4. To make the people aware of the activities in the protest which is on the 10th of December
5. The duration for talks and dialogues should be at least less than 4 hours
6. Regarding the street operations, the prime responsibility should be taken by the respective NAFSO district partner
7. To take necessary steps to gather at least 50 fisher leaders and the community activists in non- tsunami affected areas

8. Street Drama Group and its Cooperation

a. A Street Drama will be performed in each district in addition to the district seminar
b. Delivering handouts, pasting of posters & stickers, street drams shows will be taken place through out the day ( 4 times a day at 4 places)
c. The respective district partner organization is free to decide the places for street dramas and to launch the whole program
d. For these activities, bus stations, railway stations, public fairs, bazaars, religious places can be chosen. The priority of organizing opening ceremonies, handing of petitions, exhibition of banners, conducting short dialogues and talks directly goes to the respective district organizations
e. The opportunities should be given to deliver limited speeches to the capable persons in the street drama groups
f. The street drams group will use various media for their presentations, so that the necessary things have to be kept available for them
g. The exhibition posts and the lorry belongs to NAFSO should have to be decorated and on of the organization has to take this responsibility.
h. The respective district organizations should get the support of the police to get rid of the challenges and the difficulties which may occur while showing the street dramas