Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Caravan at Hambanthota

Today the Caravan group stepped into the Southern Part of the country. We know that the Southern Part of Sri Lanka too got affected very badly by the Tsunami disaster. Yet the rehabilitation process is being done very slowly. At this nature it is well appropriate for an exposure group like “Caravan” to go into the field to educate people on various issues which hinder the tsunami recovery process in Sri Lanka.
Today the street dramas have held at Hambanthota bus stand, Unakuruwa village and in front of Tangalle bus stand. The crowd had been so satisfactory and nearly there were 150 people to watch these street dramas.
The main seminar held at Christ Church at Hambanthota and nearly 25-30 people had participated for this. As usual our speakers delivered their speeches and after the talks, people were given opportunities to express their views. The following are some of the key issues:
1. Permanent shelters for the people are still delaying. There is no justice when selecting the beneficiaries for the rehabilitation programs
2. The fishing gears have distributed in and irregular way, so that the true fishermen have not addressed effectively so far
3. After educating the people on WTO they very strongly opposed to it and agreed to support any lobby activities organized in the future
4. There is no proper water system for the tsunami victims in the camps