Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

SFO- Galle Welcomes the Caravan Group to Galle District

Galle is a city in the Southern Province in Sri Lanka as well as it was very badly affected by this disaster. The partner organization Galle is the main responsible organization in this district. This organization has been very committed in working against the illegal fishing in the Southern coast and plays a continuous vital role for a sustainable fisheries policy. Therefore this organization holds a name as a lobby and protest group. Today the caravan group conducted their programs with them.
As usual the street dramas were taken place at Galle bus station, Ambalangoda bus station and at Balapitiya which are some main cities in Galle district. The street dramas had been done with about 300 people. The people raised so many questions regarding the caravan activities. They just underestimated the caravan and viewed as if it has no meaning and wasting of time. Our caravan group had the courage to answer for all those accusations. They tried their best to educate the people widely and broadly. They even conducted personal conversations in order to make them realize that NAFSO does not have any political mediation in organizing this caravan. They explained that this caravan has been organized only on behalf of poor affected tsunami victims and the struggling beach based fisher men and women.
The main seminar held in front of SFO- Galle office at Rathgama. There were nearly 60 people for this and it seemed that they very actively participated. They also presented their views and opinions on various burning issues like the following:
1. There should be anchorages for the fishermen and they emphasized that the anchorage at Dodanduwa should be reconstructed immediately.
2. We should have alternatives for the WTO activities
3. There should have proper housing projects fro the tsunami victims and those constructions should not be given for the private sector
4. They rejected the private education and ways and means have to be made for the educational reforms