Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

The project of replanting in Kalutara

Two groups at Kalutara district conducted a tree planting program at See Beach Road, Kalutara North on 25th of March. The program was organized by Kalutara District Fisheries Solidarity with 15 women, Children and Youth together with the volunteer team and KDFS activists.
Pandunus, Mangal associates, Kottanmba, Domba and Coconut trees were planted at the see beach according to the plans approved by the Coastal Conservation Department.

Pradeep Laksiri, the Youth Coordinator of NAFSO, who attended the program said;
“ The youth and women have realized the importance of having coastal vegetation to protect their lives from sea waves and dangerous situations like tsunamis. So they very much concern to protect the environment through many ways. Tree planting is one of a way to raise the awareness of environmental concerns specifically among youth and children.”

“Our women are very much interested to work together after tsunami. They have realized the importance of having an organization for them. As KDFS, we involve organize fisher communities, including women and youth in many ways. Tree planting program is one way of animating them for united actions” said Susila Damayanthi, a fisheries woman activist at KDFS,

“ Every body say Youth are the future of the country. But we do not know what type of country we will have in the future. We know, we need to work together for raise the voice of the youth.”
Mahesh Fernando, the representative to the Youth Movement- YMESOC [ Youth for Environment and Social Change] said at the tree planting program.

This is one occasion of the environmental conservation programs through youth movement of NAFSO. We want to conduct similar programs every districts where we work.