Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Unite against world food crisis

When the world is changing dramatically, the world food crisis has been growing up by increasing number of people, who die with hungry as a result of promoting bio fuel, climate change and global warming. The world food crisis has become an epidemic in the world because no one come to resolve the problem and instead of that all powerful countries are helping WTO, WB, IMF and ADB to grow this condition more and more.

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) organized three days WS was conducted in the NAFSO’s seminar hall in Negombo make ware of district coordinators and animators on the issues of Climate Change, Global Warming, World Food Crisis and the world trend of promoting bio fuel as an alternative for the present oil problem in the world for gathering grass roots and unite them to fight against growing hunger.

There were more than 50 participants representing from District partner organizations from North east and southern regions.
“We should unite for defeating this unsustainable world development system and aware people to promote small food producers in our country to face these types of problems.” Ananada Peris (fishermen presented at the event from Trincomalee) added at the end of the WS.

Mr. Sarath Fernando (head of Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform) preset there as a facilitator and Mr. Gnanasiri Koththigoda gave his great service giving and speech of the world political relationship behind the World Food Crisis.

at the end of the programme all agreed that we need to aware of people on these issues in villages levels and let them decide how they can join with us to face these issues very widely and win our struggle.