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Ruhunu Deewra Diriya Met Inland Fishers

Inland fishermen are lokking at the Fisheries Policy book in the image

NAFSO's Hambantota Partner organization " Ruhunu Deewara Diriya" Orgnaization met inland Fisher's Group at Ridiyagama for discussing with them to build a inland fisher's group for helping them for their alternative development activities through National Fisheries Movement (NAFSO).
This meeting was held in 16.09.2008 at Ridiyagama near the ridiyagama river with an attendance of 24 inland fishermen.
Ridiyagama is an inland fisheries villages , which is located in Hambantota district in the southern province in Sri Lanka.

According to the NAFSO's Hambantota district media coordinator Mr. Asela Jayanath this is a very good opportunity for them to join with NAFSO movement specially to win their rights.

The next discussion of this event will be held on 06.10.2008 in Ridiyagama with Ridiyagama inland fishers group to offer them the membership of NAFSO. in the first stage they had discussed regarding the NAFSO's drafted fisheries policay and the conducted people's Fisheries Commision report also.

The district coordinator of Ruhunu Deewara Diriya Organization Mr.Ruwan Sampath also attend to this event to build a strong fisheries group and to explain the vision and the mission of NAFSO's Movement.