Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

NAFSO engaged tank renovation program for the benfit of 220 agriculture and fisher families

NAFSO engaged tank renovation program for the benfit of 220 agriculture and fisher families at Mahakarambawewa and Kadawalawewa tanks at Karuwalagaswewa DS division. The area development program conducted in 2003 concluded and highlighted the water as one of the second highest requirement of the people.

After the preparation of ADP, NAFSO and Asian Health Institute [AHI], Japan supported to conduct a tank survey to identify the most water required communities in Karuwalagaswewa area. The survey was conducted in 13 tanks with the SUPPORT OF JICA

After the survey, we prepared a plan to support tanks and The Japanese embassy supported through the ODA grant with 5.4 Million SLR to renovate the 2 tanks at two communities.

Most importantly, farmers at both the communities benefit through the tanks as they could cultivate their paddy fields in both the seasons.

We recall the services of Sriyantha Warnakulasuriya, the connsulting engineer of NAFSO and Priyankara Costa, the project coordinator as they did their best to accomplish the work.

The Project officer of Japanese embassy, Ms. Machiyo Imamura and Ms. Berney Yatawara joined to opening the Mahakarambawewa tank while District Secretary of Puttlam district Mr.Kingsley Prera, opened the Kadawalawewa and handed over to the people on 23rd October.

We organized a meeting at cultural center at Karuwalagaswewa with the members of both the farming communities and presented the process of the work at the meeting.

Ms.Imamura, Mr.Kingsley Perera, two farmer leaders,Mr.Jayasena, Mr.Herman Kumara addressed the gathering and everybody were happy with outcome of the work.

"As farmers of the community we were trying our best to renovate the tank with the government assistance though it was a failure. We are happy that we were able to accomplish our work with utmost success."

The chair person of the Mahakarambewewa tank shared at the meeting.

"It is important that we were able to use our traditional knowledge to renovate the tank."

The secretary of Kadawalawewa tank added.

"We are very happy that farmers organizations are having their own plans to maintain the tanks. We hope farmers will have better life with the available water."

Ms. Machio Imamura shared at the meeting.

"We believe that people have the ability to change their life. People should develop them selves. We are happy that farmers say that they have done their work by them selves."

Herman Kumara shared at the meeting.

This is a collaborative effort of all of the stake holders at the process.

NAFSO is proud to be part of this process.