Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

13th YNCM took place in Ampara District...

13th National Committee Meeting took place in Puthuwill, Ampara District from 22 to 23rd last October with the participation of 50 youths representing 12 district partner organizations. This time they had discussed very serious issues happing around us and the main global issues including climate change, disaster mitigation, poverty, drought that people are facing in some region in the country and specially there had been a dialogue how to involve in these issues as youth of Sri Lanka.

“ We paid our attention on these issues to discuss in depth, because our target is to build a National Youth Movement for a Better Social and Environmental Change .“ added coordinator of this programme.

As district wise programme which were conducted areEnvironmental conservation programs, coastal conservation activities, Environmental study field visits, cultural programs and training WS conducted on Global warming and climate change.

Discussed future activities in the NCMBuilding and maintaining bowers (shady leafy places near lagoons), coastal conservation activities, conducting disaster mitigation trainings for selected youth groups, and monitoring of conducted activities in the filed.

National level activities
Deep trainings in the end of the year, distributing the printed book on disaster management, printing a book with the collected information out of filed visit and the arrangements of the celebration of World Fisheries Day on 21st November 2009 at Hambantota district were the main discussed issues in the period of Youth National Committee meeting event.