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Burning problems still persist in Northern SL...

As the 30-year-long civil war between Sri Lanka's government troops and Tamil tiger rebels ended in May 2009, the war affected northern people are still facing endless sufferings according to the NAFSO group leader A. Jesudasan who recently visited Jaffna & Wanni with his pro organizational activists has issued a special report mentioning what immediate action should be taken by the Government of Sri Lanka for the sake of Tamils.

Mr. Jesudasan has pointed out on this report how people were forced & violate their human rights by the GOSL in time period of last presidential election and they urge government to take immediate action to treat them as human being.

‘’The government groups came to the camps and forced them to vote for government in order to get some chance of resettlement. The classic example is that they were given the bus transport forcing them to participate in the election meeting of presidential candidate Mahida Rajapaksha. Most of them didn’t participate in it. They may face the repercussion of it in the future. The representatives of Daculous Thevanandha promised them to arrange a meeting with the president at the end of this meeting; but no arrangement was done. They were made to stand 150m away from the stage from where he spoke’’. Read more