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Thousands of fishermen protest against sea plane project...

More than 4000 members of fishing communities who played their trade in Negombo lagoon gathered to protest against the government decision taken to Land Sea plane on Negombo Lagoon.

The government is trying to boost tourism industry neglecting all small scale fishermen and their livelihood. Fishermen accused to the government and urged government to stop this sea plane project, as well as to think twice before grabbing the lagoon.

According to the General Secretary of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples', Mr. Herman Kumara, there 3,500 are directly depend on the lagoon, while over 1,500 are indirectly depend on it.
Overall, more than 10,000 people and families depend on this lagoon.

The fishermen pointed out that landing sea planes on the lagoon could have an adverse impact for them and sea plane will never bring them the fortune besides losing the trade.

Marcus Fernando, the chairperson of Negombo Lagoon Fisher People's Union, One of the partner organizations of National fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) at Pitipana said, "If government says they will bring Sea Planes to Negombo lagoon at any cost, we say, we will not allow it to happen at any cost. Politicians should bring Sea Planes on the lives of 3500 lagoon fishermen of Negombo lagoon. Our Lagoon is our mother. We totally depend on the lagoon for our survival. If lagoon face any problem, we won't tolerate at all.

Meanwhile, the fishermen who ply their trade at the Negombo lagoon yesterday engaged in a protest against the landing of sea planes on the lagoon.
The fishermen first went to the St. Jude's Church to attend its annual feast and later attended a special mass also to safeguard the lagoon.

Following the religious observances in the church, we could see fishermen boarded at least 400 boats and canoes and engaged in the protest.
The protest had been organized by Alliance for Protection of Negombo.

By: Shamith Roshan