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Press Note Of WFFP

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Press note 19-11-2012 World Fisheries Day(WFD). Globalization and Nuclear Free World
It is celebrated in Bangalore at St.Anne’s College Compound, Miller’s Road, 1,  from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm.on 21-11-2012

The World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) is a world body of Trade Union working in 31 countries in the World fighting for the rights of small scale fisher peoples. Its registered office is in Spain. There are two co-cordinators, one is a woman MS. Sherry Pictou from Canada and another one MR. Naseegh Jaffer from  South Africa from South Africa. General Secretary Mohamed Ali Shah is from Pakistan. MS. Natalia  Laino, Treasureris  from Spain. In all the structures  Committees and the General Body 50% should be females. 21st November 1997 WFFP was founded in Delhi and it was declared that every foundation day 21st November is Word Fisheries Day. And every year WFFP selects a theme for the World Fisheries Day.

This year the theme of the WFD is Globalization and Nuclear Free World. Globalization is a free movement of capital to make prfit by a few at the expense of the vast majority who do not have the basic needs in life. There is no question of justice and morality. By hook or by  crook  they make profit. Corruption and price rise are pat and parcel of this profit making. Destruction of environment and emission of carbon dioxide is organically linked with this profiteering. MNCs, Ruling class and Politicians are the main collaborators in this profiteering.

80% of the wealth are in the hands of 20% of people in the World. Out of this about 6000 billioners are wielding power and politics all over the world. This was the end result of Colonialism The new Globalization is the new competion among the MNCs to take away even the 20% of the wealth in the hands of 80%.

How do the few maintain to keep this accummulation of wealth in the hands of a few? It is through an unreflective educational system. There is no understanding of the structural system of our socio-economic-political system today. So the system has been perpetuated by the ruling class. This is legitimised by the law of private property. Further it is protected by police, army and Mass destructive weapons like nuclear energy and atomic weapons. This is called maintaining law and order.

In 1962 atomic energy act was passed. It comes under defense so that we cannot demand any audited report.Till today only about 4000 MW nuclear energy was produced. On the other hand about one lakh crores of rupees was spent on Atomic Energy Establishments. It is obvious from these that GOI has not been trying to produce nuclear electricity but the interest was to produce atomic weapons.

Nuclear waste and nuclear production are closely connected with sea, fish and fisher people. By 2025 GOI wants to establish 40 plants and produce 20000 MW. By then the entire sea will be under Radiation Cover of Nuclear Plants. Since Chernobyl Accident of Nuclear Plant in Russiain 1986,  92 lakhs Children were born deformed until today. After Fukushima accident in Japan, 2011, Japan is closing down all the nuclear plants. Germany is closing down all the nuclear plants, and many other countries are following their suit except  China, India, Russia and Pakistan.

If we want more electricity there are many other ways, If we transmit present 20 lakhs MW electricity is transmitted through underground cable we can save 30% electricity. If we convert lighting to CFL bulbs and LED bulbs we can save 30% electricity. We can easily make Solar Elecrtricity 60000 MW within 5 years if we invest on this. We can produce the same amount of Electricity within 5 years from Wind energy. We can have the cheapest electricity from the Boi-mass waste from the kitchen, toilets and agriculture waste..

All over the World People are celebdrating World Fisheries Day.In  India, Tuticorin, Fishing Villages are going on strike protesting against Koodankulam  Nuclear Plants. There will be mass rlalies and public meetings in Mumbai,West Bengal, Chennai,Trivandrum, Ernakulam, and many other places.

You are cordially invited to the Millers Road, St. Anne;s College ground, Bangalore.

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