Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

People, Power and Politics for Sustainable Livelihoods and Sustain Life - Sri Lankan Fisher communities commemorated World Fisheries Day

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement commemorated world fisheries day for consecutive 19th time with unexpected level of participants in Jaffna. NAFSO started to commemorate a day for fisheries sector even before it recognised by the world, when it proposed by World Forum of Fisher People (WFFP) 1997 in New Delhi, India.

Fisher communities throughout the world are being cornered though they are doing a irreplaceable role in concern with food security and food sovereignty almost every country of the world.              Aquatic resources are among the main focus of global resource hunters. fisher communities around the world are finding themselves in pressure of depleting fisheries resources and coastal resources.

To establish unity among fisheries communities is one of the most important factor for the safe guard of aquatic resources. commemoration of WFD is the main event in each year to gather, show unity and voice out their issues of the sector with demands to protect the resources and secure the rights of fisher communities.

NAFSO planned to conduct WFD in Jaffna district for the first time in WFD history, with 500 participants from 12 districts, but around 700 people were participated to the event with the majority from Jaffna district even they are facing turbulent climate situation with floods. Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity act as the host organisation.

TNA Ex. MP Mr. Gajendra Ponnambalam, Indian Deputy high commissioner to Jaffna Mr. A. Nadaraja and Northern Province fisheries minister Mr. B.Dineshwaran were also participated to the event.

 Indian trawlers issue considered as the biggest threat to fisheries resources in Northern waters of the Sri Lanka while destructive fishing gears used by migratory fishers from other areas of the country play a vital role in depletion of resources. both issues were voiced out by the fishers and Indian Deputy high commissioner to Jaffna give his speech based on trawling issue. Fisherwomen and farming sector also presented their issues.

    Dharmalingam Jayachithra from Jaffna district fisheries Solidarity given the welcome speech.

Chief Guest  Mr. Balasubraemaniyam Dineshwaran

Chief Guest Mr. B.Dineshwaran, Indian Deputy High commissioner  and NAFSO Convenor Mr. Hrman Kumara

Part of the 700 participants from 12 District.
Singhala and Tamil translation (Done by the Nationa Fisheries Solidarity Movement)  of the Voluntary Guideline for the Sustainable Small Scale Fisheries book were handed over to the Fisher communities (VGSSF by FAO)

Hand Book (Singhala Language) of the VGSSF Guidelines were launched during the Event and handed over to the guests and people.

A petition against innovation of SL waters by Indian trawlers were handed over to the Indian Deputy high commissioner to Jaffna Mr. A. Nadaraja and to Fisheries Minister of Northern Province Mr. Dineshwaran by Mr. A.A. Alam, Chair person of the Northern Fisher People Alliance

A drama on Indian Trawling issue was staged by the Mannar District Fisher people.

Professor Susei Anandan (Upper Pic) and Ex. parliamentarian Gajendra Ponnambalam were among the guests

A report of a research conducted by the NAFSO on IDPs of Jaffna was handed over to the guests and People participated to the event (inTamil and Singhala languages)

Fisher leaders who were dedicatedly work for the win and establish human rights, and sustainable fisheries in Sri Lanka were admired with special awards.

 Convenor Of the NAFSO movement addressing the audience