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Pay attention to the grievances of Refugees in Sri Lanka Now!

The refugees, asylum seekers are desperately need attention from the relevant authorities immediately. The aftermath of 21st April tragedy made the new crisis to the lives of the refugees, who were living in and around Negombo area last 5 years or more.
The 1100 refugees were arrived from Iran, Kashmir, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan and staying at Police station without shelter for decent living.
The most vulnerable groups are women, children and asylum seekers who rejected their visa applications. There were attempts to keep them safe places with the support of both Northern and Southern Governors without success.
UNHCR is responsible for provide their basic facilities and providing some assistance in coordination with ZOA.
However, the main concern of the refugees are to send them to a third country and to provide assistance for decent life for them.
NAFSO is also engage some activities related to provide basic facilities on the basis of humanitarian assistance.