Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Towards a self-sufficient society:

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has been promoting organic home gardening among the communities of partner organizations base on one of the main concerns such as food sovereignty of the organization for a long time.  The Youth and Environment section of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement launched a campaign in order to promote home garden focusing on the youth from a new round. According to the records of the partner organizations, the program of encouraging the youth has succeeded in many districts.  The youth teams have developed home garden by using the knowledge they obtained through the training programs which were conducted by National Fisheries Solidarity movement.  The attempt of promoting organic home garden has made an impact in many places among the network. The concept of developing home garden has reached to the general public from youth in Jaffna. They have developed home gardens as an income generation activity while they are fulfilling the consumer purposes of the family.
 It can see a good tendency of developing home garden in Jaffna. Some youths have developed common home gardens as a team. They maintain the common home garden with shared responsibilities. There are successfully developed 7 individual home organic home gardens. A youth team has built a common home garden in the name of “ Saraswathi” in Urumbirai, Jaffna. Mr. Dinesh has taken the leadership directing youths toward to develop a successful organic home garden. It can see brinjal, corns, chilies, bitter gourd and other vegetables   as well as fruits in the garden. Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity is giving necessary advices and directions to the youth to maintain the home garden as well.
There is a wider dialogue about the self-sufficient society according to the pandemic situation. People are struggling to find essential needs in the midst of curfew situation of the country. Food is one of the basic needs of the people. People who have developed home garden are able to consume sufficient food. This pandemic situation has created an opportunity to promote home garden because food supplying chain has been dropped as well as income of the poor people has been limited or stopped. Food import has been limited because many countries decided to take protective measures to survive their own people first. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has been keeping dialogue and taking necessary steps to promote organic home garden among the people for more than 20 years. 

The results of the intervention to promote home garden now can be seen in many places. The women society “ Punthalei” has developed a organic home garden in the “ Yogapuram Camp” in Jaffna. There are some internally Displaces Camps especially in Jaffna. Yogapuram Camp is one of the IDPs camps in Jaffna. Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity Movement is working with the people in Yogapuram Camp. It has organized women headed household under the name of “ Punthalei” in the camp. The women team has developed a home garden with the direction of Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity Movement.

Not only that, the  “ Lakshini” youth team has developed home gardens in Kadapatti, In Ampara district. Ampara District Fisheries Solidarity Movement has given directions and necessary support to the youth in order to develop and maintain the home gardens. Home gardens have been developed by the youth in Waleipadu, Killinochci district with the direction of Killinochchi District Fisheries Solidarity. Youth in many districts have given priority for the home garden. The youth has developed successful home garden in the villages of Kithul and Raagam in Kuchchaweli, Betticaloa.

According to the situation of developing home gardens in many districts, we are able to assess that the attempt of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement is being directed toward to the target.
Jaffna Home Garden
Yogapuram Camp Home Garden

Lakshini” Youth Team Home Garden

Batticaloa Home Garden