Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Addakiri IDP camp

According to Mr. Inpanayagam, District Coordinator of Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity, they have found a new Internally Displaced Camp (IDP) in Addakiri area. While they were traveling with an official purpose, the staff has received information about an IDP camp that they did not let to know before. The staff has just visited the place. The camp has been located in Navali village in Jaffna. There are 15 families in the camp. The camp has been built in a privet land. The displaced people have no any right to the land. The situation has been reported to the divisional secretary . The representatives of Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity have discussed with the people in the camp. Land right is the main concern of the discussion. The people in the camp are ready to purchase the land from the land owner whose land has been used to the camp. The landless people wish to consider any condition in relation to the land. The staff has discussed with them widely. The camp people have agreed to organize a protect with the support of partner organization in  future. This information was shared by Mr. Inpanayagam.