Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Kawadipitti youth meeting

The Kawadipitti youth meeting was held at the pre-school in Kawadipitti on 28 of the June 2020. 24 youth representatives from 5 Grama Seva divisions, Mr. Issadeen, District Coordinator of Ampara District Fisheries Solidarity, Mr. Kannan, Animator and Mr. Nalaka Rosairo, coordinator of Policy lobbing and studies of the secretariat of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement also participated in the meeting. It concerned some areas such as the programs that it has planned to implement in relation to the youth program based on Bread for the World project in the meeting. It has highlighted the promotion of home garden, beach clearing, actions to minimize the drug addiction among the youth, clearing and protection of the lagoon and using the art and culture for awareness with the participation of youth in the meeting. It has decided to approach for the youth who finished schooling for the youth in order to develop  the youth program. The youth raised the point of planting trees around the playgrounds of pre-schools in the area. According to the plans, the youth formed different committees in order to get the responsible to implement the planned activities with the facilitation of Ampara District Fisheries Solidarity. Therefore, it has formed a cultural committee, disaster management committee, environmental committee as a committee for promote home garden.  The district staff of Ampara District Fisheries Solidarity responsible to facilitate to function the committee as well.