Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Kopaveli women home garden

Although the Corona virus influenced many sectors badly, it has taught a lesson to the people in the world to rethink about the existing systems because existing strategies have failed face to the crucial situation like Corona Pandemic. The world should change the existing system or explore new strategies to survive the world. It has realized that small scale producers have a potential to survive facing to the challenges in the liberal market. The concept of self-sufficient has been taken in to the discussion table in exploring new ideologies to the world. Civil societies, expertise, religious leaders, community leaders and those who wish to see a new world have started a conversation to identify new strategies with new ideology to face the challenge and create a new society based on the lesson learnt of the pandemic.

Self-sufficient unit is one of the components which have been identified to develop in building the society in the new world. Food sovereignty of the people should be ensured in order to maintain the community in the proper way.  National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has initiated being bound the all appropriate stakeholders in innovating a new path for the dream world as an option for the existing systems.

Developing the home gardens based on the small lands plays a supportive role to build self- sufficient unit. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement has been promoting home garden for more than 20 years under the principle of Food Sovereignty. Betticalo District Fisheries Solidarity facilitates their small groups and members to develop home gardens in village level. The women group of Kopaveli has developed their lands as home gardens with the direction of the organization. It has reported that women earn extra income from the home garden while they are consuming fresh and healthy food. Miss. Nirosha, Animator of Betticalo District Fisheries Solidarity often visits the women group and advice them to maintain the home garden as well.