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People oppose the garbage center

People oppose the garbage recycling center in Monarovia, Rathgama, in Galle. According to the people in the area, it has created an environmental issue due to the garbage center. Environmental pollution is the main issues dropping garbage surrounding of the recycling center without any management. The waste water of the garbage has collected and there is a tendency to mix waste water to the drinking water resources in the area. Bad smell and flies are another impact of constructing the garbage recycling center.

Southern Fisheries Organization educated the people according to the request of the people in the area. As well as, Southern Fisheries Organization met the District Secretary related this issue and handing over a petition on 20th of June 2020. The District Secretary informed the representative to hand over a copy of the petition to Agricultural Ministry of the southern province. The organized people held a protest against the garbage recycling center in front of the District Secretariat office in Galle  also.