Destructive fishing practices rising back under good governance shade

Destructive fishing practices are rising again in Sri Lankan waters. Light luring purse seine (light course) fishing is illegal to conduct in within the range of 7km from shoreline in Sri Lanka according to the number 02 act of 1996. but the law was not executed until legal action taken by the National Fisheries Solidarity few years back. 

Except few localized illegal light purse seine fishing activities in  Eastern area of the sea, Dr. Rajitha Senarathne former fisheries minister, was able to minimize the damage to the fisheries resources through destructive fishing practices. According to the small scale fishers, only after these activities controlled, they were being able to catch amount of fish that made enough earning to cover the expenses of fishing and day today living. 

After new government came in to power, fishers have started illegal activities with the equipment and fishing gears kept hidden for about two years. Newly appointed fisheries minister must take necessary actions to prevent destructive fishing activities since main reason for electing of new government is to establish law and order in the country.