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“He is a Dictator” poster pasted with a massive protest in Colombo

The People’s Movement Against Dictatorial Insanity organized massive protest staged today in front of the Colombo Railway Station with an attendance of a big crowd, representing civil society movements, left and oppositional political parties also were presented. Major demands of the protest were to the release of former army Chief Sarath Fonseka and restoration of Democracy.

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasingha pasted a poster “ He is a dictator”
Bearing the image of a Hitler looking individual with a shawl on the wall, in front of the Railway station amidst big cheers of the agitators while the protest being staged and the loud voices of leftists’ sake Colombo.

Protestors hold their demonstrations about one and half hours, stepped towards President’s office with their huge posters and slogans shouting at the top of their voice. Protest was ended up after creating a scuffle between police battalion and the protestors where police tried to stop the march near the overhead bridge.

People’s Movement against Dictatorial Insanity, could bring all the left and oppositional political parties to a one stage to demand the release of former army chief Sarath Fonseka.

Mangala Samaraweera, Dep. UNP Leader Karu jayasuriya, UNP General Secretary Thissa Attanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Dr. Wickramabahu Karunarathne, Sirithunga Jayasuriya, Mano Ganeshan as well as Union leaders gave their participation on this protest.

By: Shamith Roshan