Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Sri Lanka Civil Society Delegates at UPR Session in Geneva

Around 110 Delegates from 30 countries participate in UPR session in Geneva. Anthony Jesudasan from NAFSO and few others have presented the country report under 6 topics. 
 1. Sri Lanka's lack of accountability -Ms. Niranjala,
2. Transitional justice, Situation of IDPs and Refugees in Sri Lanka-Mr. Anthony Jesudasan 
3. The Situation of enforced disappearances and Political prisoners -Sir Nicola
4. Militarisation and Freedom of expression - Ms.Darshana 
5. Minority rights and Gender equality - Mr Sriyal 
6. Violence against the women and issues of Muslim women's -Ms. Shari.

NAFSO consider this as a remarkable achievement in HR work we conducted on behalf of depressed people in the country.  Civil society network of Sri Lanka conducted information gathering from relevant communities, educating of wider communities, and dialogues with local and international diplomats to reach the final destination.    The Recommendations of UNHCR will out by November session.