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Refugees are Human Beings.: Need a livable place to settle immediately, says HR activists

Urgent meeting held among concern CSO leaders on Refugees issue in the crisis situation at NAFSO today. Yves Usc Bowie convened
a special meeting today. The urgent need for a safe settlement was the key unsettled point of discussion which NAFSO had no idea rather UNHCR and GOSL search better place to settle Afghan, Pakistan, Indian,Yemen and Iran refugees safely. What would be our mechanism to safe travel if Northern Province Governor nod his head positively. Sr. Rasika Peiris, Hadley Perera, Shreen Saroor those who work on the issue seriously were present among others at the meeting.
Shreen, said, "We are trying to make Ridiyagama, the Southern Govenor's place a livable place as this has not being used for past two years. We can not allow the people just dump in to a insecure, no facility place. That is why UNHCR and relevant actors are trying to find a better place than that."
"What ever it is an urgent need to settle people in a better place as the situation is alarming as the group began to fight each other". Sr. Rasika added to the points of Shreen.