Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

New personnel for “ Diriya Shakthi” women group

Election to select new personnel for the “ Diriya Shakthi” women group was held under the observation of Mr. Sanjeewa Sampath, District Coordinator  of Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya in Polpithigama on 3 of July 2020. The new staff was selected among 13 women in the meeting. The responsibility of functioning the women group was handed over to new personnel. The new personnel declared their future expectations and plans. According to the future plans, the women group expects to develop their fund up to 100,000 rupees through micro credit serving system. The women group has their own micro credit loan system among the members only. The members can apply small scale loan from the group under the agreed interest. The women group has a plan to develop the fund and increase the limit of the loan. As well as, this opportunity was used to provide face masks for the participants. Praja Sahayogitha Sansadaya follows the directions of health expertises related to virus. It proposed to provide the seeds for the people in order to promote organic home garden being invited to Mr. Herman Kumara, National Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement on 18 of July 2020.