Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

ති‍්‍රකුණාමලය කප්පල්තුරෙයි කලපුවේ කඩොලාන පැල සිටුවීම, Planting of Mangroves in Kalpalthurai Lagoon, Trincomalee,

Youth attached to the Trincomalee District Fisheries Solidarity Movement organized a mangrove replanting program based on the lagoon in Kappalthurei, Trincomalee district on 2 October 2020. Around 100 mangroves were planned in the lagoon in Kappalthurei.  According to the situation, the mangroves have been destroyed by the people due to the different reasons.  Relevant officials said that mangroves have been destroyed by the fisherman, people  and outsiders.  This situation was highlighted in the different discussions which were organized by Trincomale District Fisheries Solidarity. As a result of the meetings, youth groups of Trincomale District Fisheries Solidarity Movement organized a program to replant the mangrove in the lagoon in Kappalthurei.  

President of the Mosque,  ( OIC) Officer In Charge , Grama Niladari, Youth and members of the area, representatives from National Fisheries Solidarity Movement participated in the program. The Police agreed to take legal actions against the people who involve destroying the mangrove in the lagoon. The youth always involve protecting the environment. They have planned to take action to protect the environment not only the lagoon in Kappalthurei but also other places in the district. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement always support to the youth.