Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Filed visit of the Pasarachchenei lagoon

The Pasarachchenei lagoon was one of the rich and beautiful environmental systems of Ampara district according to the experience of the activities and the secondary data.  There was a solid mangrove covering with a rich bio-diversity in the lagoon.  The lagoon environment has been destroying by the people gradually. The mangrove covering has been destroyed with many purposes of the people. There is no sufficient concern of the responsible authorities’ to protect the environment. This issue was highlighted in the youth meeting of the Ampara district.  As a result of the youth meeting, Ampara District Fisheries solidarity arranged a field visit with youth to observe the existing situation of the lagoon environment in order to take action with the authorities to protect it. The field visit was arranged by Mr. K. Issadeen, District Coordinator of the organization with youth team on 6 of July 2020. They have planned to observe the situation preparing an observation report and discuss with authorizes based on the findings. As well as, youth has decided to take own actions to develop the lagoon environment as the youth team.