Youth meeting in Mannar


The youth committee attached to  Mannar District Fisheries Solidarity was organized on 29 of July 2020 in Mannar. The youth committee meeting initiated to form some sub committees related to the youth. The purpose of forming sub committees is to involve for the different activities in the district. It has formed four sub committees such as garbage management committee, cultural committee, environmental committee, environmental farming  and home garden committee. It has identified the roles and responsibilities of each subcommittee. A plan has been prepared to take actions to be engaged the youth members on social development. The organization has planned to widen the youth process increasing the membership of the committees. The meeting was held at the center of Mannar District Fisheries Solidarity with 17 youth members. Mr. Benedict Croos, District Coordinator and Mrs. Marry Priyantha, animator of the organization participated in the meeting.

Negombo, Sri Vimukthi women are guiding the way for Sustainable Agriculture!

Several members of Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization, [SVFWO] have been engaged in sustainable agriculture programs as a result of NAFSO's promotion of the same activity through it's member organizations around the country. Negombo Being an urban area, the attempt to make their city an organic home garden is a commendable effort of Negombo women belonging to SVFWO. As a result, Ms. Priyanka of Lurdu Matha small group at Grand Street, has converted her small plot of land available into a successful and fruitful garden with her untiring efforts. This is a very good lesson for all women whose complaint is there is no space for home gardens or engage in such activities in their homes. It is not only the home garden she engages in, but also production of compost for her plants is also another effort of this giant lady.

We commend her commitment to this work and the facilitators of the work, Ms, Deepa Subashinie the coordinator of the organization and Mr. Vincent Fernando, the animator of the organization.
Ms. Priyanka says that,: “My home garden was so helpful for my survival during COVID 19 Pandemic. Because, there were no fresh vegetables available in the markets and most of the places where we bought vegetables were closed due to lockdown and curfew imposed by the government. But, not only me and my family benefitted from my home garden. But, also I shared the vegetables with my neighbors who did not have food during the lockdown. So, this is a blessing and I admire my organization as they were behind me to launch this work."

Meeting of the Yogapuram village in Jaffna district

The Jaffna District organization of NAFSO has organized a meeting with 20 Women at Yogapuram village in 30th of July 2020. The group has been discussed about their issues faced by the community members, and possible/ relevant authorities, organizations to approach for address the issues and also share the responsibilities among the community members. The group considered about their roles and responsibilities as challenging ones in the current COVID crisis though people committed to attend the work. However,Mr.Inbanayagam, the Jaffna district Coordinator said at the meeting that, "Our role as CSO is limited. Unless, you the community members take the leadership of the issues you face, our efforts will be futile. So, we encourage to take the responsibility in to your hands and draw the attention of the authorities while visiting them and appealing to intervene to your issues." 

"However, we are always behind you to make you strong and provide necessary support." added Inbam.While speaking to the group, Ms. Thatsajini, encouraged women to come forward even though there are a number of women headed households facing severe hardships during the COVID crisis."We know you all are helpless as there is very limited income during this Pandemic period. But, anyhow we are surviving. We need to overcome our difficulties and women should come forward strongly. In many other places, women are in the forefront of struggles. We do hope you, women folk come forward to mediate the issues." 
In women 's federation, we speak about many of these issues and find ways to address them collectively. Don't feel we are isolated. We are not isolated.
Majority poor women are in misery and need to work collectively to find solutions. added Tatsajini.Finally, the group agreed to work as a collective of Yogapuram camp and attend an advocacy work with the support of Jaffna District Fisheries Solidarity.